Go wild for a while

BeWayuu is not just about business, it’s not just fashion, but also products which carry a message and history in the background. Everyone who falls in love with our products will be able to help at the same time.


WOMEN4WOMEN is the mission of BeWayuu which we want to implement step by step. Our first project is to help women from the Wayuu tribe. We have many projects coming soon.

Our bags - what's the difference ?

There are four different categories of Mochila bags in our shop – Classic, Special Edition, Matizados and Medium.

If you would like to know characteristics of each model of our “Colombian beauties” and to know which model might meet your needs, just read this description.


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Ciuszki - fatałaszki

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The women of Wayuu

How our bags are made?

Wayuu Indians are very spiritual people. Their clan and family relationships are very strong and this also results in their emotional and mystical relations with their ancestors.

The women of Wayuu traditionally learn weaving as part of an initiation ritual. When a girl’s first menstrual period occurs, she begins a time of isolation, lasting one year (as Wayuu say, it represents 365 suns and 12 moons). At this time, she may only be visited by the female part of the family and other close women from the clan. They give her all their knowledge and secrets of femininity, as well as instructions on caring for one’s home and family in the future. Both these purely practical threads and the most intimate are then intertwined with those of the yarn, from which the girl makes her first fabrics. The faster and better she learns to weave, the more commitment she puts into creating a pattern, the more prestige she will have in her clan.

Wayuu Mochila Medium

Mniejszy model niż klasyczna torebka Wayuu.

Dedykowane są dla kobiet, które preferują styl boho ale badziej poręczny i delikatny krój. Świetnie sprawdzają się w przypadku subtelnych, drobnych kobiet.

O ile ręcznie wykonane torebki WAYUU CLASSIC są Waszym nieodzownym atrybutem w codziennych wojażach to model MEDIUM idealnie sprawdza się podczas wypadów na miasto, każdej imprezy i wieczornych spotkań z przyjaciółmi.

Special Edition

Wyjątkowy model Mochila Bag.

Torba ręcznie wykonana przez kobiety z plemienia Wayuu zamieszkujące pustynne tereny półwyspu Guajira idealnie wpisuje się w styl boho oraz etno. Ręcznie pleciona torebka w etniczne wzory to niesamowity dodatek, który wyróżni każdą stylizację.

darling you’re different

Our heads are full of ideas. We believe that it will succeed. Our personal plans for the coming year are the development of our company and expanding our range with other extraordinary products that will carry a message to a world flooded with mass production. And of course, a trip to Guaira. . . It can sometimes be hard but happily, we start every new day believing that it will succeed.

Who we are?

Two women, friends, mothers, whose friendship has lasted continuously for exactly twenty years despite various turmoil and hundreds of kilometres that part them. Exactly two decades ago, a fourth- and first-year student met in a shared dorm kitchen. A friendship was born, which would later be tested many times. It survived, because something genuine never ends.

In life they are both guided by the principle of ‘to receive, you have to give’.
Nothing is for free.
They are strong believers that it’s worth helping, because life can go in various ways. Maybe they will also need a helping hand one day. Well… sometimes they get their leg pulled, but in situations like these they are confident that fate will return the favour with double strength. There must be something to it, because they always ‘fall on their feet’.
One would jump into fire after the other. When the opportunity to work together appeared, they did not hesitate for a moment. Because if not us, then who? Now they only regret having made this decision so late.