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Two women, friends, mothers, whose friendship has lasted continuously for exactly twenty years despite various turmoil and hundreds of kilometres that part them.

Exactly two decades ago, a fourth- and first-year student met in a shared dorm kitchen. A friendship was born, which would later be tested many times. It survived, because something genuine never ends.


20 plus 20 years, but she still feels as if she were still in that first half of her life. Her hair is a reflection of her crazy character. In a positive sense. Whenever she is up to something, she makes up for it with a smile. Since childhood, she was involved in performances at the local Community Centre. She was very fond of contact with the stage and art. She always stood out with her clothes, hence the passion for unique and original items. There’s no trouble finding her in the crowd:). BeWayuu allows her to live with art and make her dreams of creating something unique, something different come true. It’s not studies at the PWST in Krakow, but fashion is also art. Mother of two rascals, one is water the other is fire. She doesn’t complain about the lack of boredom, but children are pure happiness. Like everyone, she runs around like crazy. From work to her children, from her children to Bewayuu. But at the end of the day, despite enormous fatigue, she is smiling. After all, she’s making her dreams come true.


Always smiling. After high school, Magda chose an economic degree, because she loves to count and analyse more than anyone. In college, she was always at the forefront. After graduation, she was associated with the real estate market for years. Mathematical skills mean that she is the one who keeps her finger on the pulse of BeWayuu’s budget. But just like Aśka, she loves unique and beautiful things. In her spare time, she does her best to find time for theatre and books. A mother of two, as she herself claims, princesses. The older one is a professional skier and wakesurfer who achieves significant successes. Unfortunately, to be successful you sometimes have to get up at 5 am and take your mum to training, and after that catch up with school. Success does not just come out of the blue. It’s about self-discipline, dedication and ambition. These are the features that the older princess carries – after her mother. The younger one, unlike the older, is an artist who loves dancing and singing. Magda spends a few hours in the car breaking through Krakow traffic jams. Bewayuu is a new challenge for her that combines friendship, passion for beautiful items, help for others. Such work is the peak of her dreams.

If not us, then who?

In life they are both guided by the principle of ‘to receive, you have to give’. Nothing is for free.
They are strong believers that it’s worth helping, because life can go in various ways. Maybe they will also need a helping hand one day. Well… sometimes they get their leg pulled, but in situations like these they are confident that fate will return the favour with double strength. There must be something to it, because they always ‘fall on their feet’. One would jump into fire after the other. When the opportunity to work together appeared, they did not hesitate for a moment. Because if not us, then who? Now they only regret having made this decision so late.

Aśka plus Magda equals BeWayuu, how did it all start? Last year during a traditional, annual trip to the Polish sea, when we can break away from grey reality and the never-ending chase, an idea was born to work together. After three months of continuous brainstorms, moments of doubt in creating something new, we accidentally found an image of the Mochilla bag. We fell in love with it at first sight and their story crystallised the vision of our undertaking. BeWayuu is not just about business, it’s not just fashion, but also products which carry a message and history in the background. Everyone who falls in love with our products will be able to help at the same time.

WOMEN4WOMEN is the mission of BeWayuu which we want to implement step by step. Our first project is to help women from the Wayuu tribe. We have many projects coming soon. Our heads are full of ideas. We believe that it will succeed. Our personal plans for the coming year are the development of our company and expanding our range with other extraordinary products that will carry a message to a world flooded with mass production. And of course, a trip to Guaira. . . It can sometimes be hard but happily, we start every new day believing that it will succeed. We have fate on our side. Read more   about our products, projects and all the hassle with BeWayuu on our blog.